Vision Board Kit of 2022 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Manifesting your objectives and ambitions on a vision board is pretty popular nowadays. It is inspired by the Law of Attraction and widely recommended by life coaches and popular psychologists.

While you can always create your corkboard, we did a bit of market research and found a wide variety of affordable products.

To help you find the right product for you, we have created a list of the best vision board kits. Throughout this article, we will highlight budget-friendly versatile options that will serve your goal. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Comparison Chart

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MAGNIFICENT 101 Vision Board Kit
Vision Board Kit for Women
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LOVE|EVERYDAY Vision Board Kit
Vision Board Kit & Goal Board with Vision Board Supplies

Vision Board Kits Reviews

MAGNIFICENT 101 Vision Board Kit

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If you are someone who wants to use the power of manifestation, then MAGNIFICENT 101 has the right product for you. Coming as a kit with 60 different supplies, this offer is highlighted by a 23 x 17-inch Feng shui board that will allow you to perform visualization exercises on a daily basis.


First and foremost, we want to highlight the versatility of this product. According to the manufacturer, professionals including life coaches, psychologists, and physicians were involved in the creation of this kit. The highlighting point has to be the personal empowerment cards.

Focusing on the fact that a vision board can be pointed at a wide variety of goals, including those that are love, money, business, and inner peace-related, you will find a bunch of transformation cards. Among those included is a “do not disturb” sign, a bank check, a business card for your dream job, a motivational journey (blank), a law of attraction guide (blank), a plane ticket, a bank statement, and a fill-in card for motivational words.

In addition to that, we like that this kit features 38 attachable pictures that should help you visualize your ambitions. Among our favorite ones are those of a person relaxing on the beach, in nature, two shaking hands (partnership), holding hands (emotional relationship), as well as a wide variety of other life-goal pictures. In our opinion, the MAGNIFICENT 101 kit features everything you might need to have a lot of fun and inspiration creating a vision board.

Not to forget, there are eight different embellishments that you can have on you at any point of the day, including a gratitude rock that is advertised to attract positive energy. Our only issue? The fact that the trinket material feels a bit cheap. Still, if you are interested in the Law of Attraction and want to get en route to visualizing your goals, it is a great choice!


  • Comes at a great price
  • Features a wide variety of personal transformation cards
  • Highlighted by a 23 x 17-inch Feng shui vision board
  • Includes eight versatile embellishments and a gratitude rock
  • Features 38 pictures representing personal life goals


  • The trinket material feels cheap

Bold Tuesday Vision Board for Women

If you are working with a more flexible budget and want to get a beautiful vision board with a gamut of inspirational quotes and pictures, then you are in the right place. Apart from the foldable board and a detailed guide on how to create a vision board, you will also get more than 100 supplies to work with.


Bold Tuesday is one of the most relevant brands when it comes to motivational and the Law of Attraction-inspired products. With that in mind, we weren’t surprised that they offer a great price to quality ratio. The highlighting point of this product is that you won’t need to use a pair of scissors or glue, and create a mess to attach pieces to your vision board.

On the contrary, this 18.6 x 12.4-inch foldable board features 18 different pockets that you can add cards to. The coolest point is that you can remove and add new ones each time you accomplish a goal or want to update your board for any other reason. In our opinion, the Bold Tuesday kit is the most attractive one out there, given the rose gold cover and the sophisticated finish that highlights this board.

Among the offer details is a bunch of online material that you can download after buying this product. Not only that but all the items of this kit are made eco-friendly by sustainable sourcing. In addition to that, this vision kit comes in a luxurious package, making it a perfect gift idea.

Discussing the main features, we can’t forget the 2.5 x 3.5-inch thick coated cards. As mentioned above, these are two-sided, with imprinted life-goal pictures on the front side and inspirational quotes on the backside. Furthermore, you are getting a detailed guide (32 pages) that includes a bunch of exercises and a tutorial on how to make a vision board.

The only thing that we would improve is adding blank fill-in cards. Other than that, this is a worthy product that you should consider.


  • Comes in the form of an 18.6 x 12.4-inch board
  • Features 100 two-sided cards with pictures and quotes
  • Sustainably sourced, eco-friendly
  • Arrives in a luxurious gift package
  • Detailed guide featuring exercises and tutorials
  • A wide variety of downloadable online material


  • Doesn’t include blank fill-in cards

LOVE|EVERYDAY Vision Board Kit

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The third product on our list is a kit that you can use to create a goal planner or a vision board manifesting your dream life. Similar to the aforementioned two, this one is highlighted by a wide variety of collage-inspired supplies. Most importantly, it comes at an affordable price and is a viable choice for teenagers and adults.


The highlighting point of this LOVE|EVERDAY product is that it focuses on the DIY part of a vision board. With that in mind, all the featured items are pointed towards helping you visualize your dreams and attracting positive energy. One of the most fantastic design details has to be the fairy lights that are included to shine on your vision board and remind you that you are brighter and more successful with each day.

Keep in mind that the offer doesn’t include batteries for the fairy lights (something that you will have to buy separately). As for what this kit features, the highlighting points are the self-adhesive boards (12 x 12-inch) that you can attach and create a single 24 x 24-inch board. In addition to that, it includes a bunch of creative essentials such as a diamond pen, gold marker, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and an instructional booklet.

Not only that, but it also includes a pack of affirmation cards with inspirational quotes (28) and a pack of A4 glitter paper cards on which you can write anything that gets you going. You will also find a page book from which you can cut out any life-goal pictures. Also included are some drawing pins that you can use to attach the featured supplies to the vision board.

One of the nicest included features is a storage box and a drawstring bag, allowing you to take this vision board on the road. Our concern? The fact that the storage box doesn’t come with separate pockets/compartments for different supplies. Still, we consider it to be a versatile and all-inclusive kit that you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Suitable for adults and teenagers
  • Features 28 affirmation cards
  • Includes an 8-page book with a bunch of life-goal pictures
  • Includes a wide variety of essentials such as glue, marker, pen
  • Comes with a drawstring bag and a storage box


  • The storage box doesn’t have separate compartments

LOVE|EVERYDAY Vision Board Kit & Goal Board with Vision Board Supplies

Last but certainly not least is another product from the well-recognized LOVE|EVERYDAY. Set at 15.7 x 11.8 inches in size, this write-on vision board is suitable for teenagers and adults. Apart from the dry-erase wall-mountable surface, you are also getting a lot of supplies, including cards with inspirational quotes and photos.


First and foremost, we love that this kit includes a vision board and a corkboard. Thus, you will be able to have these two side-by-side boards, one with words and quotes written on it and affirmation cards pinned to another. Similar to the Dreams Come True product, it comes with a goal planner that can work both as a journal and a planner of manifestation exercises.

Opposite to those mentioned above, this kit features a dry-erase board that you can write on. Apart from the nine focus sections (travel, relationship, etc.), there is also an area to write what you are grateful for and what you are praying for. You can highlight your focus word. We are pleased that instead of having to dig through magazines and cut out inspirational quotes, you will be able to write your own on a whiteboard.

In addition to that, this product comes with a wide variety of fill-in transformation cards such as a bank check, plane ticket, and a business card for your dream job. Not only that but there are also 27 affirmation cards that are double-sided and made to boost your confidence/help you achieve inner peace.

Still, we have to say that the box is pretty messy. Other than that, it is a well-made and all-inclusive product that you certainly won’t regret.


  • Features a spacious corkboard and a dry-erase vision board
  • Beginner-friendly, including all starter’s supplies
  • Comes with a bunch of blank fill-in cards (business, plane ticket)
  • Features 27 affirmation cards (double-sided)
  • Perfect for teenagers and adults
  • An inspirational booklet that can serve as a journal


  • The storage box is pretty messy

Wrap Up

All five products feature a wide variety of inspirational supplies that you can use to create a dream life vision board. Our personal favorite? The Bold Tuesday Vision Board for Women because it is eco-friendly, features 100 double-sided cards and a bunch of downloadable material. Our second choice? LOVE|EVERYDAY Vision Board Kit & Goal Board with Vision Board Supplies for its versatility and the dry erase surface.

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