Top 10 Positive Truths About Life

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With patience and faith, we are reminded the Universe has our back. The power is within us to think bigger and therefore achieve bigger as you are only limited by your mind. Below is a small list of truths for you test in your life:

  1. You will never receive what you visualize. You will receive better.
  2. We can never think as expansively as the Universe.
  3. Listen to your heart as it knows the truth despite all appearances.
  4. A leap of faith is handsomely rewarded by the Universe.
  5. Bigger wants take longer to manifest than smaller wants.
  6. What you have today was once a thought or desire.
  7. If you want a change then change yourself.
  8. Your beliefs create your world experience.
  9. Your mind is the limiting factor.
  10. To relinquish control you must relinquish fear.

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