Feeling Good Positive Mindset App: A Quick Overview

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Much has been said about the consequences of excessive gadget exposure and its effect on our holistic well-being.

However, it’s really not all that bad. The digital age certainly has more benefits to offer us.

It can significantly improve our lives and even help us deal with the challenges we face each day.

One good example is the Feeling Good Positive Mindset App that we’ll talk about today.

We’ll also look at it in comparison with another similar program, the Manifestation Miracle.

Feeling Good Positive Mindset App

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This is a mobile application that allows you to listen to an audio program consisting of several tracks, formulated to provide positive mental training.

It seeks to improve one’s mental health and develop a more positive outlook in life.

About the Developers

You can trace back the origins of this training program to a Swedish Olympic Sports performance program.

This self-development approach inspired Dr. Alastair Dobbin and Dr. Sheila Ross to create the Feeling Good program.

The audio tracks were formulated and recorded for the first time back in 2004.

It was then developed further into a mobile application to make it more accessible to its users.

Since then, Drs. Dobbin and Ross have continued to further develop their program through careful research and tireless efforts.

This application is now recognized and highly recommended by the National Health Services in the United Kingdom and included in their digital apps library.

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Who Is the App For?

This application is designed for any adult, aged 18 and above, who wants to improve their mental well-being.

According to the National Health Services, this application can boost cognitive functions like mental clarity and focus.

It can also enhance self-esteem and other positive feelings.

How the Application Works

These are all made possible by using positive mental training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other methods. Allow us to explain further.

Positive Mental Training

According to The Foundation for Positive Mental Health, positive mental training is a self-help approach that uses lessons recorded in audio tracks.

These tracks, usually 18 minutes long, must then be listened to five times a week for three months.

The premise is that positive thinking is a skill, and much like how we train our body to perform actions through repetitive practice, you can use this principle for the mind as well.

However, instead of repetitive physical actions to form muscle memory, we’ll train our minds by listening to audio tracks.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

On the other hand, cognitive behavioral therapy is a medical treatment designed to help patients with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction just to name a few.

It is done by analyzing the person’s thinking patterns and influence them through various methods, like conversation and role-playing, until you achieve an ideal mental state.

According to the American Psychological Association, the methods used are based on several core principles.

This includes the stand that mental health issues can potentially stem from negative thinking and behavior.

Plus, in facing these thoughts and behavioral patterns, you can help people cope with them and improve the quality of their lives.

The keyword here is “face”. Thus, it may mean confronting your fears head-on.

It’s not a method of escaping, ignoring, or denying one’s circumstances.

That leads us to the other methods used in the app. After all, it was inspired by nothing less than an Olympic sports training program.

Hence, you can also expect exercises on relaxation, focus, and resilience-building.

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Source: Google Play

Notable Features

Aside from the methods used to develop this app, it still has other interesting features that you can explore:

Audio Tracks

You can download this application for free through Apple’s App Store and Google Playstore.

It will come with four audio tracks that you can already access.

You can pay for premium access to enjoy the full 12-track program.

Aside from the positive mental training program, you will get audio tracks specifically formulated for other health issues such as sleep difficulties, weight loss, and overcoming addictions.

The audio tracks are available in two versions: one read by Dr. Dobbin and the other read by Dr. Ross.

Background Music 

You can also choose between four background music options: guitar, piano, nature, or none.

Tracking and Notification

The application also includes tracking and notification features to help you check your progress and remind you when it’s time for your Feeling Good habit.

How to Use the Application

Speaking of setting the habit, here is a quick guide on how to use the app:

Download the Application

Visit your app store and search for Feeling Good: Positive Mindset.

It has a logo of a blue sky, white clouds, and a sun.

Tap on download and wait for the installation to finish.

Log In

Open the application. You will see the initial audio track selections and the first tracks of the main program.

You can then create a username and password that will be useful if you decide to access the full program later.

Start Your First Track

We highly recommend trying out the program’s first track immediately after downloading it to set the momentum.

Make yourself comfortable and follow the prompts, such as closing your eyes and calming down.

Keep Doing It

Finally, just keep on listening to the tracks each day until you finish the program.

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Source: Google Play

How to Make the Most of the Feeling Good Positive Mindset App

Here are more tips on how to make the most out of the application:

Choose a Spot

The method is indeed based on science, but it doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a more soulful approach.

For instance, we recommend preparing a spot where you can listen to your tracks in peace.

It must be somewhere quiet with minimal distraction, yet safe and comfortable.

Treat your listening habit like a sacred ritual that you’ll perform each day.

Don’t Breeze Through

Just like other rituals, you don’t need to rush each track.

It’s best to listen to a track repeatedly for a few days before moving on to the next.

That will make sure you will truly absorb the lessons that this program seeks to impart.

Set a Habit

Don’t delay your progress and follow the program as diligently as you can.

Make your sessions habitual by latching them on to existing habits.

For instance, suppose you want to listen to it at night, then schedule it right after brushing your teeth.

In this way, the established habit will serve as a trigger to remind you of the new one you’re trying to build.

Another way to make your habit setting easier is by logging in your sessions on a habit tracker.

You can even set challenges of consecutive daily sessions to hit, along with a reward system for each chain achieved.

Journal Your Experience

You can put this habit tracker on your journal and record your progress while you’re there.

Log the date, time, and track title with each entry as a reference.

Repeat as Needed

Finally, don’t let the end of the program stop you from enjoying it again.

Who knows? The second time might offer new insight that you have not fully explored before.

You’ll also be able to reap more benefits this way. 

Other Positivity Apps to Explore

Yes, the Feeling Good app is indeed impressive, but what’s more exciting is the fact that it’s not the only one of its kind.

There are other positivity apps out there that you can try and explore. Here are just some of our favorites:

Live Happy

Do you find the 12 tracks lacking? We think so too.

That’s why we really appreciate the Live Happy podcast that you can stream through the Live Happy app.

While each episode is not scripted to work as a cognitive behavioral therapy session, it still packs a lot of lessons straight from happiness gurus themselves.

Aside from the fact that this podcast has dozens of episodes that you can enjoy, you will also be able to access more bonus content such as PDFs and wallpapers.


What about those who don’t really enjoy passively listening to audio tracks and podcast episodes?

If so, then you might enjoy the more gamified approach of Happify.

Like the Feeling Good app, it also follows a program formulated by experts on positivity.

However, instead of audio tracks, you will be required to complete science-based games and activities.

CBT Thought Diary

Those who enjoy both the cognitive behavioral therapy approach and journaling would appreciate the CBT Thought Diary.

As the name suggests, it is a digital journal that is formatted to help you reflect on your negative thoughts and reframe them in a more positive light.

It is even a good app to use with the others we’ve mentioned above.

Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle CTA

As mentioned, there’s also another program that we recommend you to check out.

It is similar to the Feeling Good program in offering concrete steps on tuning your mind and making it more positive and open to receiving the blessings that life has to offer.

What sets them apart, though, is that the Manifestation Miracle doesn’t come in an app.

Instead, you will receive a guidebook and an audiobook version to follow.

It is great for those who enjoy reading and annotating their discoveriesーsomething that can be quite difficult to do if you’re following the Feeling Good audio tracks.


Developing a more positive state of mind can be challenging, but the process certainly gets easier with the help of science-backed methods and tools.

One such tool is the mobile application Feeling Good Positive Mindset app.

It is developed by positivity experts Dr. Alastair Dobbin and Dr. Shiela Ross.

It is a 12-track audio program inspired by the Swedish Olympic Sports program and utilizes the positive mental training approach and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

You can download it for free, although full access will require a premium membership.

Feel free to explore other positivity apps as well. Live Happy, Happify, and CBT Thought Diary are but a few examples of dozens of equally interesting and efficient apps.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Manifestation Miracle program if you prefer an alternative program in a written medium.

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