Do Crystals Work for Anxiety

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There are many holistic practices that are finding their way into the homes of people who are looking for alternatives to western medicines. One of the most popular is crystal work. However, when talking to a modern scientist, you may find their support of this product as an effective option to be less than emphatic. Nevertheless, these tools have been used for centuries.

Crystals have been tacked on to the New Age movement of the past few decades. However, they are something that has been present in healing techniques since the times of ancient Egypt, and maybe even before that. There are many beliefs that crystals contain energy that has the power to unblock chakras (a series of energy centers in the body). This can in turn help relieve psychological and mental health issues.

The question is, do crystals work for things like anxiety? Before we jump into answering that probe, let’s take a look at the traditional uses throughout history to get a better understanding of the power of crystal work.

Traditional Uses

Throughout the world – from Asia to Egypt to Greece – crystals have played an important role as religious talismans and charms. Depending on what you are looking to protect yourself from or heal, there were set crystals that were used.

These crystals, due to their vibrations, were used to treat said ailments or offer protection from certain things. You will find mention of the use of crystals for healing in many different religious texts, which just goes to show you that the power of crystals has been known about for millennia.

Knowledge of crystal work and crystal vibrations has managed to survive across generations, and now offers a holistic way of treating ailments like anxiety, and even more acute conditions like chronic pain.

Do Crystals Work for Anxiety

There’s no scientific research that proves the power crystals, despite their long history of use. That being said, there’s also no scientific proof that they don’t help. Many crystal healing workers redirect or remove negative crystal vibrations that align with vibrations from your body to help unblock energy.

This is exactly what the ancients who used crystals in their medical practices discussed. No, there’s no scientific proof. Yet, many individuals have used crystals to help with anxiety and have had great results. The biggest hurdle to ensuring that your crystal will help with your anxiety is choosing the right crystal, as well as understanding the practices of crystal work.

Along with this, you should also understand how to care for and select these crystals to ensure that you are finding the perfect crystal for you.

Some Crystals for Anxiety

Among the vast number of natural tools that can be used for the relief of anxiety or other mental issues, healing crystals may be one of the best. That being said, there are some healing crystals that are better suited to dealing with specific mental health issues like panic attacks and anxiety.


Amethyst, besides being beautiful to look at, is often used for protective healing and purification practices. This is why it is a great option when it comes to anxiety. Crystal healers tout their ability to dispel negativity, while also bringing to you positive energy, which tends to calm anxiety.


This crystal is known as a perfect conductor to help reduce and alleviate anxiety. It can also be used to help someone feel more calm and secure. Many healers that use crystals will also use rhodonite to clear away old emotional wounds and scars.

Young woman at crystal healing session


When it comes to crystals that help attract high energy levels, citrine is among one of the best. This crystal is often used to enhance joy and enthusiasm in whatever area of life you are trying to manage. In other words, it has the ability to add positive energy to your body, which will help get rid of tension and anxiety.


When it comes to anxiety in women, few crystals are more into wound with this than moonstone. The moon is naturally considered a feminine energy, and therefore the moonstone can help enhance strength and growth of mind and body.

Rose quartz

Lastly, rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals used in helping heal and calm the mind, which in turn will relieve anxiety. Rose quartz not only has positive effects on stress and anxiety, but can also help to promote creativity and inspiration.

Some Tips for Crystal Work for Anxiety

Above all else, when dealing with crystal work that is specifically aimed at removing anxiety, you have to make sure you choose the right crystal for the job. Any of the options we looked at above can actually be used, but there are other options as well, like pyrite and tourmaline.

Once you’ve chosen the new crystal that will best work with your particular form of anxiety, there are a couple of tips that we can give you that will help in your crystal working practice.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that as you’re choosing a crystal, you have to be consistently setting your intention for it. This can be as simple as just thinking about what you’re hoping for that crystal to do, and holding it while picturing this. Once you find the right vibration, having this intention in your mind will start the process of healing more effectively.

The next tip may be the most important one. Due to the fact that you have no idea who has touched these crystals before, you need to cleanse them to ensure there is no negative energy left behind by those other individuals. This can be done in many ways, but the most common thing to do is to put them under the light of a full moon in a small vessel of water. This will allow the powers of the moon to drain any negative energy out and replace it with positive energy, allowing your crystal work to be as productive as possible.

Final Thoughts

Millenia of use in healing and religious practices may not be scientific proof, but it does go to show that there is something beneficial to using crystals in your healing practices. In a world that is full of so much stress and anxiety, having any type of extra tool to help combat negativity can be beneficial.

So, do crystals work with anxiety? It is clear that many people have had excellent results by utilizing these holistic healing tools, and that is enough proof for most.

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