Can Chiropractor Help With Anxiety

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If you are somebody that struggles with anxiety, just know that you aren’t alone in the world. Around 40 million people in America also struggle with the condition, and almost 18% of the population has stated that they have an anxiety disorder.

It’s no secret that anxiety is becoming an increasingly prevalent mental condition, and people are trying to find ways to cope with it. It might surprise you to learn that chiropractic treatment can actually help you manage your symptoms successfully.

Here we are going to take a look at the role chiropractic care has with anxiety disorders to see if it is a possible option for your particular situation. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the answer to the question of can chiropractor help with anxiety.

What Anxiety and Depression Manifest As

You first need to be capable of identifying the symptoms of anxiety if you want to be able to treat it.

Though depression and anxiety certainly manifest differently for different people, the physical indicators of these conditions can include tension or stiffness in the muscles, the inability to relax, extreme fatigue, headaches, aches and pain, or the inability to sleep. Physical symptoms often worsen the mental symptoms that are associated with anxiety.

Chiropractic treatment is designed to relieve physical symptoms that these mental conditions cause so that you will be able to cope with mental symptoms better, relieve the burden, and receive some relief that is much-needed.

How Chiropractic Treatment Affects Anxiety

There are a number of ways that chiropractic treatment is able to help you if you suffer from anxiety.

Releasing positive hormones

Chiropractic treatment adjustments cause a release of hormones in the body. These good hormones include cortisol and oxytocin, and may have a positive effect on your general physical and mental health. They reduce stress, alleviate pain from inflammation, and improve social bonding feelings to boost your mental state overall.

Decreasing blood pressure

Heightened blood pressure is one of the more common side effects of anxiety. Chiropractic treatment has been proven to lower your blood pressure, which proves that the treatment is able to decrease the symptoms of anxiety.

This is able to help you feel more stable and at ease, as you make use of regular chiropractic treatments as a way to manage your anxiety symptoms.

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Promoting sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you are only worsening your mental symptoms of anxiety. Sleeping is made easier when you receive chiropractic care, and studies have even shown that it can also improve healthy sleep patterns.

Relieving tension

Another of anxiety’s common side-effects is increased muscle tension. Not only is chiropractic care able to improve the health of your spine, but it also improves your musculoskeletal health, which relieves tightness and tension in the muscles that can cause stiffness and headaches that are generally linked to anxiety.

Relieving these uncomfortable and painful symptoms can have a major impact in helping you find relaxation and rest while living with anxiety.

Balancing the mind and body

All that we do in life is about balance, and treating anxiety is no different. Balancing how your body and mind work with one another can be essential to managing your anxiety.

For instance, alleviating misalignments in your spine will ensure that your body always functions properly, which subsequently allows your mind to focus on the things that it has to heal. It’s about balancing your nutrition, joint health, mental health, and exercise to find out what causes the best impact on your overall health.

A Solution Without Side-Effects

Medications that are prescribed for anxiety often come with detrimental side effects like weight gain, fatigue, or insomnia. Chiropractic treatment is completely natural and aids in reducing anxiety without those nasty side effects, making it an excellent all-natural solution for treating a mental disorder.

Encouraging relaxation

Chiropractic care is famous for boosting the relaxation of patients. The atmosphere of a chiropractic session can make the patient feel less stressed, which in turn makes their muscles more relaxed.

Studies that have monitored the electrical activity in muscles found that, after chiropractic adjustments, muscle activity saw a 25% reduction in activity. This is excellent evidence of relaxation during chiropractic sessions.

This sort of relaxation is essential to helping patients who suffer from tension and stress due to anxiety or depression.

The Connection Between the Body & Mind

Many people are of the belief that anxiety is only rooted in the mind, but the more we think of the mind and body as one singular unit, the more we are able to understand the ways that they are connected.

Recent research has confirmed – and continues to do so – that what occurs in the body, whether it be a positive or negative stimulus, has a direct link to the way that our brain functions. Our minds are deeply and organically linked to our bodies, and it’s no coincidence that, when treating practice members, chiropractors have found that levels of anxiety and stress decrease.

By correcting any misalignments that may have occurred in the spine – the information highway between the body and brain – any anxiety triggers that are located in the body can be identified and corrected.

Overall, chiropractic care can have a very positive effect on your mental health. Other than the proven research, there have been a number of anecdotal case studies surrounding the influence that chiropractic care has on anxiety and depression. These reports have suggested that there are even more benefits to chiropractic care when it comes to mental health systems.


As the cost of traditional health care continues to soar, more and more patients seek alternatives that are both effective and affordable. If you are someone that suffers from anxiety, be sure to contact your nearest chiropractor to discuss a potential treatment plan for your symptoms. They’ll be able to come up with a personalized plan that suits your specific situation so that you can experience the relief you deserve.

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