Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker

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When you go through difficult times, your frame of mind makes a big difference. Having a positive outlook on life, even when things are tough, makes everything more bearable. On the other hand, negative thinkers tend to become overwhelmed by problems more efficiently and struggle to find their way out of tricky situations. Therefore we should all strive to be positive thinkers. But are you a positive or negative thinker? Find out below.

What is a Positive Thinking Person?

To fully understand what a positive thinking person is, we first need to understand what positive thinking is. It is a mental and positive attitude that is always focused on the positive sides of things. It focuses more on the expected beneficial results in any scenario. Positive thinking people are those people who have the mental and emotional attitudes that remain positive even when things seem to be in dire straits. These people have trained themselves to have a mindset focused on their success and those they love.

Is it essential to be a positive thinking person? Yes, absolutely. In fact, your thoughts can make or break you because your actions are affected by your thoughts. If you believe that you will be successful in life, your efforts will be to achieve success. A positive thinker experiences several benefits of life because they are optimistic people. A positive person will react very differently from a negative thinking person when dealing with their current life because their positive outlook greatly influences their decision-making skills.

How Do I Know if I’m a Negative Person?

Most of us know someone who is constantly negative, and it can be exhausting to be around that person. However, what if you were one of those negative people? It can be possible that you can be a negative thinker without even realizing it. Fortunately, there are ways to tell whether you are a negative thinking person. Here are a few clues that you might be a negative person.

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You often make statements that show that you don’t believe things can work out for you

“It’s too good to be true” and “It just won’t last” are two expressions that show negativity in people. So if you find yourself often adding something negative to the conversation, the chances are that you are not a very positive person.

You cling to past events

It is hard to forgive and forget sometimes. However, hanging onto things from the past can have adverse effects on your lives going forward. If you find yourself often reflecting on a bad experience of life, it might hold you back and make you a negative person.

You are judgmental

Positive people are happy within themselves, so they don’t need to judge those around them. In contrast, negative thinkers often experience a lack of confidence, which fuels their need to be judgmental.

You can’t get yourself to believe the compliments you get

If you are consistently brushing off compliments and refusing to acknowledge them, you are a negative thinker. Positive people know that they are good enough, and when they receive compliments, they know they are deserved.

Your thoughts always go to the negative side

It is normal to be suspicious when a friend you haven’t seen in sometime shows up, for example, but if you automatically think that the reason is something that will be bad for you, you are not a positive thinking person.

Relationships don’t last

Positive people are a delight to be around, and therefore it is easier for them to keep their friendships and love interests around for a long time. On the other hand, negative people can be tiring to be around, and consequently, they have more difficulty hanging on to friends and lovers.

The problem outshines the solution

Life throws nasty curveballs at all of us at times; however, how problems are handled often shows a significant difference in people. Positive people are quick to accept the problem and look for solutions. Negative people get so overwhelmed by the problem that they can’t see past it.

The future looks bleak

Positive people know that things will always look up at some point, so positive people look forward to the future even when things are hard. On the other hand, negative people feel exhausted when they think of the future because they see only the negative aspects that they expect will be there. Of course, this can add to everyday stress, which leads to harmful health effects.

Signs of a Positive Person

Positive people enjoy the benefits of thinking of things in a good way, and because of this, they enjoy life so much more. Here are four signs of a positive person.

They are always the same

Positive people know that they are enough and, therefore, they don’t feel the need to change themselves around different people. They are genuine and truly themselves regardless of who is around them. Even under stressful situations, a positive person will not change their behavior.

Positive people don’t try too hard

Positive people are better at accepting when something just isn’t meant to be. They not only accept it, but they also move on from it. Negative thinkers, however, have trouble accepting it, and they dwell on it, making their effects of negativity-seeking even stronger. For example, if someone ends a friendship and it is clear they want to move on, a positive thinking person will accept it and go on with their life. However, a negative thinking person will hang onto the ended friendship draining their happiness even more.

A positive person chooses to make their life positive

A positive person will always choose to surround themselves with people who are also positive, and they will seek out hobbies, skills, and experiences that improve their lives.

They know they aren’t perfect, and they are okay with it

Positive people are also people, after all, so they are not perfect. However, when a negative person’s bad traits are pointed out, they will dwell on them or feel attacked or angered. On the other hand, if a positive person’s bad features are pointed out, most often they are aware of them already, and if not, they are more than willing to accept them and work on themselves to improve their bad qualities or a bad habit. This is one of the essential benefits of thinking positively because it results in your always being willing to work on yourself, which is such a big part of life.

Is it Okay to be Negative?

Although we all strive to be as positive as we can be, life can make it hard to be positive all the time. The effects of stress, work, relationships, and health can make it very challenging to be positive all the time. Therefore, don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel that you are going through a negative thinking period. However, making an effort to be a positive thinker is best.

Here are a few ways you can improve your thinking and make it more positive.

Take time for meditation

By taking 10 minutes a day to enjoy the calm and quiet around you, you can lessen your stress and improve your perspective on your life.

Exercise daily

You will improve your mood while releasing stress if you get into a routine of exercising every day, and then there are also all the incredible health benefits.

Surround yourself with positivity

Listen to uplifting podcasts or read a book about positivity. By exposing yourself to the uplifting viewpoints of others, you might learn a great deal.

Communicate with others

It is always a good idea to talk to friends or family about what you are going through in life. If you are having a hard time opening up to the people you know, join an online support group.


Life is unpredictable and we all react in our unique way to the problems we face. However, a good attitude is half the battle won, so spend the time and effort improving your thinking.

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